Some other people

MoC = Mother of Cap.    I’m Cap, so that makes MoC my mom. And no, you can’t adopt her, but I do rent her out for parties. Edit: MoC passed away, but she lives on here – and in my heart.

TFC (RIP) = The (original) fucking cat.

TRC = The Replacement Cat. Her real name is India Ink, but I call her Indy.

Fiona = The Other Cat. I got her in May 2010 so Indy could have a buddy. As it turned out, I got Indy a bully.

Cartman = the weirdo I work with. She has her own post category. It is impossible to have a normal conversation with her. I’ve stopped trying.

Edit: Cartman is gone, but I’ve kept the post category as a tribute and as a place to put other strange and/or stupid conversations.

The Shrew = the bitch I work with. She needs her own post category.

Bosshole = my boss, who takes no shit from anyone. I’m afraid of her. I spend most of my time hiding from her.

Edit: The Shrew is gone, never to be heard from again if I have anything to say about it. Bosshole is back and works with me again, although not in my department and not as a boss(hole). I’m keeping her name, though, because I’m too lazy to come up with another one.

Occasionally I refer to other family members – sisters MMB and JR and my brother David (because it’s all about him) – but I’ve chosen not to talk about them for several reasons. The main reason is that they aren’t here to defend themselves. Telling old ‘war stories’ is one thing, but to talk about their lives today wouldn’t be fair.

So I don’t.