Certain things about me will become obvious if you spend any time here. First, according to Stuck, I’m a fabulously bitter middle-aged woman with a cat I call TFC – the fucking cat.

Edit: The fucking cat died and now I have TRC – the replacement cat. Because I’m original like that.

The name Capricorn Cringe is a family thing. I was a little spoiled as a child and used to getting my way. When I didn’t get my way, I pouted (like all kids). But unlike all kids (maybe some kids did this, I don’t know) I would try to intimidate people into doing my bidding. I would stare and kind of curl my lip. Apparently, this was not intimidating at all, but only made people laugh.  My family dubbed that expression The Capricorn Cringe.  Here is a picture of it – taken when I was about 9 years old. It’s a small picture and I can’t make it larger, but it gives the general idea. Pretty scary stuff.

I wrote a book once. Nobody read it. I hate those people, collectively and individually. I’m thinking of writing another book because thinking, not writing, is what I actually do best. I will continue to ignore this fact as long as possible. Do not enlighten me.

If you simply must contact me, you can email me on my gmail account. I may respond, but you’ll probably wish I hadn’t. If you can’t figure out what goes before the @ gmail.com, you’ve got bigger problems than I can help you with.