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I’ve always said I am not handy. I am not good at building things and I am not visual. So when we got moved into the new place, I had to get some kind of storage for the bathroom. There isn’t even a medicine cabinet. I bought an over-the-toilet shelving unit. Not a big deal, right? Until I realized that I was going to have to put it together.


See that piece of paper? That’s the directions, only there aren’t any words (which is how I do things/learn things: I read it and then I process it), only pictures. I really don’t do pictures, but I realized I had no choice. My handy brother is currently 2,000 miles away.

I managed to get the bottom half put together and then I realized that it wouldn’t go over the toilet because there is a stabilizing bar near the bottom. And that bar doesn’t bend to go around the toilet. Awesome. So I took it apart and put it back together, while trying to wedge myself between the toilet and the wall.


It wasn’t as much fun as it looks. Also, my electric screwdriver didn’t have a good charge, so I had to keep stopping to plug it back in – and no, of course the cord didn’t reach so that I could just use it while it was plugged in. That would have been way too easy.

I stopped in the middle and told Facebook that I needed a drink, at which point, my sister JR begged me to drink 2 or 3 drinks and film myself building the stupid thing. This was my response:


After much cursing,several FB conversations which consisted of my siblings mocking me, and two and a half hours later, I took this picture:


I’m pretty proud of myself. Then Kansas lost in the Final Four, so that made the entire ordeal worth it! So maybe I am a little more handy than I thought.