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Sometimes it takes me a while to catch up to myself. I’ve been in the PNW for almost a year – 10 months counts as ‘almost a year’, right? – and it has taken a bit of time to find my rhythm.  (Also, the word rhythm looks wrong. I can never spell it correctly, but spell check isn’t objecting so I’m gonna go with it)

For the first time in a long time – okay, the first time ever – I made a list of things I wanted to do and/or change this year. Instead of calling them ‘resolutions’, though, I opted to call them ‘commitments’, because that puts a positive spin on it and leaves out the hint of desperation that comes with the word ‘resolutions’. First on my list was: Write.

I’ve been writing. I have a character name stuck in my head and it won’t go away. I don’t have a story to go with the name, so I feel a bit stuck. Then I found a few websites (and books) with some great ideas to get to know your character. I’ve started carrying a small notebook with me and writing things down as they occur to me instead of thinking that I’ll remember it later. That’s just one of the ways my brain lies to me – I never fucking remember it later. So I’m starting small with baby steps, writing imaginary conversations with my imaginary character. It is surprisingly fun.

In other news: I finally found a job! It’s a small office, so there are small office politics to deal with, but at least I’m not bored and I’m getting paid. The learning curve was pretty steep, but I’m catching up and feeling like I’m starting to get the hang of everything. It feels good.

I even joined a couple writing groups. The first one is a memoir-writing group that I joined because I keep thinking that I will take all the blog posts about MoC (my mom, if you’re new around here) and make a book out of them. Since I haven’t really done anything in that direction yet, I haven’t been attending the group lately, but I know the group will be there when I’m ready.  The second group was more of a social group that met twice a month to talk about writing, share work, or just sharing processes that help us. However, that group quit meeting – so I started a Facebook group that hasn’t really taken off yet. At least I have some options – and they are options that I never considered before I moved here.

In other, other news: MMB and I are moving across town to a new house. In that new space, I will have my own apartment that is completely separate from the main house. In some ways, that’s going to be great. In other ways, it will suck a little bit. Before I moved, we were both worried about how it was going to go and how we would get along. But it was such a smooth transition that now it bothers me that we won’t be in the same house anymore. I comfort myself with the thought that if (when) I miss her, her kitchen door is only about 50 ft away.