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I haven’t been as motivated to write lately. No wait, that’s not right, because that sounds like there are times that I am motivated to write.  I tell myself I need a new computer desk; that’s true, I do. This one has an elevated ledge for the monitor and even with the chair as high as it will go, I have to crane my neck to look through my bifocals to see the screen. I tell myself to use my laptop, but all of my really good distraction bookmarks are on the desktop. So … if I won’t use a perfectly good laptop because I don’t have all my time-sucking bookmarks loaded, then that must mean I just don’t want to write. And that’s okay.

Since moving here, I have immersed myself in the town, in the vibes, and in the new experiences. I’ve changed many things about my life besides my location. I am not only talking to strangers, I’m being nice to them. Every day I either walk on my treadmill or walk outside and I’m even back to doing yoga. Because I’ve been cooking with MMB, I’ve been trying out new recipes. Basically I’m just enjoying life and taking the time to absorb it as it happens.

The job hunt is weird. Back in May, a woman called me from an employment agency in another town. She said I had the right kind of experience for a job she had open. I went to her office, had a little interview and I really liked her. But the agency is 25 miles away and the job was in that same town. As it turned out, I also had to interview with the company and I didn’t get the job. But she told me to sign up with their office here – weirdly, they don’t share information and/or jobs, probably because of the distance between the two offices. Anyway, I went to the office here and signed up, had a short, 5 minute interview with the coordinator and then heard nothing for three months. Not. One. Thing. I called her and she didn’t return my calls. I emailed and she did respond with “let’s get together next week” – and then two weeks went by.

Then I got an email from the manager of that office. It was a mass mail to all their temps, and people they hadn’t yet placed. She said they had over 100 jobs and were increasing their referral bonus because they were having trouble filling all the jobs they had. What? So I fired back an email and said I was surprised at all the jobs because I hadn’t been placed once in 3 months.

That’s when things started rolling. The manager emailed me and apologized and placed me with another agent. Then I got a call to set up a pre-screening interview at another place for a call center job. Then the agent called with a temp position that had terrible pay, so I told her I wanted to see how the interview went. I had the interview, it went well and I was told the hiring manager would call for an interview. Then my friend from the other location called with a job that would start on Monday (at more money), so I told her I would do that. Then I let the other agent know I was doing that instead. Then I decided I didn’t want to work in a call center (hello, I’m an introvert – call centers are exhausting!), so when that HR rep called me back, I told her I had found another position. Then I got a call for another interview for a different customer service job and I told them the same thing – that I was taking this other job. And that’s when the hammer dropped.

I got an email stating the temp job was not going to start on Monday, that there was some type of issue but that she thought it would be resolved quickly.  But then I got an email from the County Assessor’s Office about another job I had applied for and was I available for testing on the 21st? I accepted that time slot and emailed the agent that I was fine with the postponement, but that I had to do some testing for a different job on the 21st.  And that’s where it is right now. Confused? So am I!  I almost feel that the Universe is tweaking me for turning down the other jobs (although, granted, I was only offered one job. The others were just stopping the interview process). I’m also a little worried about stopping the interview process on the other two jobs, but every time I think about those jobs, my stomach knots up. That’s telling me something.

It will work out. I will probably end up temping for a while – but I accepted that one because it’s more money but also because it is my general field. Once I get going as a temp, it will be easier to place me. My experience is specific and it has pigeon-holed me to some degree. And if I can pass typing, data entry and general math skills tests next week, I’ll be one step closer to working for the county and leaving this mad rat race behind.