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You know how sometimes you wake up one day and think “I bet it would be cool to move 2,000 miles away” and then, pretty much on a whim, you do exactly that? No? That’s just me?

It wasn’t exactly a whim, but I certainly didn’t plan it out. When I think about it, though, some of the best decisions I’ve made weren’t planned at all. I just jumped in and started swimming. I’ve been swimming for three months now, though, and I can’t see the shore from here. Or a boat. No sharks, either, so I suppose that’s good.

I remember looking at jobs in this area before I moved and I remember thinking it wouldn’t be a problem to find something. I knew it wouldn’t be in the same field, but I didn’t want to keep doing that type of job anyway. So now I am getting smacked around with a little reality.

I am getting interviews, but they’ve gone with other candidates … so far. (I have to add that because I don’t want the Universe to reflect negativity back at me lol)  I lost out on a job I really wanted because I was in a hurry to submit my application, resume and test score and left the date off the test score. I got an email telling me I was disqualified because of it. I almost cried. It was a stupid mistake. The required information for the test was clearly outlined in the job description and I just blew it.

I applied at Walgreens, Safeway and RiteAid just to have something coming in until I found a full-time position. Apparently I failed a personality/work scenario test at Walgreens because the manager told me she would score my test and then call me if they wanted an interview. That was three weeks ago and she hasn’t called. RiteAid hired someone with recent cashier experience and Safeway apparently lost my application because I have heard nothing from them.

All I can think is … the right job will come up. I don’t think I am blowing the interviews I’ve had. I haven’t dropped an F bomb once (and that in itself is impressive). I’ve smiled, asked relevant questions and sent thank you notes afterward. Sometimes, when I’ve blown an interview, I can just tell. I know it as it’s happening. Sometimes it’s my fault, sometimes the interviewer is a dolt, but it’s always pretty obvious when it isn’t going well. I haven’t felt that in the interviews I’ve had, so either the interviewers were just really good at hiding how they felt about me – or the jobs went to people who better suited their needs. There’s nothing I can do about that.

So now … I just need the right job at the right company to open up so that I can step into the position. Let’s work on that, Universe, shall we?