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Part of being an introvert is – for me, at least – living in my own head. Part of living in my own head means that I write in my head and sometimes actual writing is neglected. To combat that, I play a little game called Unconscious Mutterings. I get the words from subliminal.lunanina.com and then I paste them here and pretend it’s an actual blog post. Fair warning, that is going to happen again today. But also be warned that I have moved from thinking in general terms about a project involving this blog and my relationship with MoC to thinking about it in very specific terms. I don’t know what that will look like, but I do know that it is a story I may be ready to tell.

For now, though, you get words! Write down the first thing you think of and put it in the comments. You know how to copy and paste, don’t you Steve? You just right click, copy and right click paste.  (and if you understand that very bastardized movie quote, you get extra points!)

  1. Boredom ::
  2. Lifestyle ::
  3. Adopt ::
  4. Foolishness ::
  5. Backtrack ::
  6. Plastic ::
  7. Debt ::
  8. Flag ::
  9. Unique ::
  10. West ::

  1. Boredom :: ennui
  2. Lifestyle :: change
  3. Adopt :: don’t shop
  4. Foolishness :: this game 🙂
  5. Backtrack :: rewind!
  6. Plastic :: surgery
  7. Debt :: collector
  8. Flag :: Day
  9. Unique :: Original
  10. West :: of the Mississippi