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Despite my tendency toward sarcasm and gallows humor, I have to admit that I am an optimist. Things just work out for me, usually through no fault of my own. I’m like a cat. I land on my feet more often than not. I may be down a life or two, though. I mean, sometimes I just splat on the pavement.

Before I made the decision to move across the country, I looked online at the job situation. If I remember correctly I found a few insurance jobs, but I do remember seeing a lot of medical billing positions. That was at the end of last summer and I made the decision to move in the fall. Then I concentrated on all the details of the move – getting rid of tons of stuff, deciding what to take with me and dreaming of my new life. I never checked for jobs again.

When I got here, I was so excited to start my life over, to get on a new path that would take me in a more positive, happier direction. I spent a few weeks getting to know the area and a few weeks just enjoying gorgeous weather and being surrounded by so much beauty. It was exciting and different and I felt like I was taking the steps to reinvent myself into the woman I want to be.

And then I started job hunting. I applied for all of the billing jobs I could find, which weren’t that many. I signed up with an employment agency. I hit the job boards every day, but all the insurance jobs are in and around Seattle, which is a two hour drive. I had my resume revamped. It looks great now, but it isn’t getting me any attention.

I decided I would have to see how the skills I have would translate to a totally different field. I am going to redo my resume again and emphasize those transferable skills. I even applied at Walgreens because I need an income, any income.

I didn’t think it would take this long to find a job. The truth is, I didn’t think at all. I just decided to move and I did it. It wasn’t a mistake. It was the right thing to do. I just wish I had thought it through a little more carefully, had everything lined out instead of just winging it the way I’ve always done.

It’s a scary economy, especially for a 50 year old woman trying to change careers. I talked to a friend of MMB’s who is encouraging me to find ways to make money writing. I’m thinking about that but I’m not sure how to do it in a way that will begin to pay off immediately. It is definitely worth investigation. The recent writing challenge helped me get back in the habit of daily writing – even though I got behind schedule with it.

I am not afraid I will never find a job and that I’ll starve to death. I know things will work out and that I will once again land on my feet. But right now, I just can’t see the how of it yet and that is a little scary.