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I’m walking up the gangplank of a ship …

Um … no I’m not. I’m sure I’m ignoring the spirit of this exercise but you couldn’t pay me to go on a cruise. Didn’t I mention in the last post that I’m claustrophobic? It seems weird to be claustrophobic when I’m in the open water, but it’s really not that crazy. The idea of being trapped on an ocean liner for any length of time freak me out. Didn’t you see Titanic?

Cruises are an excellent and cost-effective way to see some of the world, so I am not against it in general terms. But for me, the point of a cruise is the ocean itself. So bars, movie theaters, casinos and basketball courts on a cruise ship hold zero appeal for me. I can do that on land, any time I want. I see no reason to strand myself in the middle of the ocean to do those things.

A smaller fishing vessel would be more my style. I would go early enough that I could watch the sunrise. There’s just something magical about a sunrise over water. Drinking strong coffee, watching a sunrise with the ocean breeze in my face seems like a mini paradise to me.  Being near water soothes me and calms me in a way nothing else can.

Fishing is relaxing for me. I love everything about it, except unhooking the fish I just caught. I leave that to my brother.  I would love to go deep sea fishing – rather, I would love to be on a boat while other people were deep sea fishing. I’m not sure I want to wrestle a fish that’s bigger than I am. But at least with that type of boat, I wouldn’t feel closed in and trapped and I could get all of the fun aspects of fishing without trying to land a 500 lb tuna.

Great. Now I want to go fishing.