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Picking a favorite vacation spot is easy: Cancun, Mexico. It was a dream trip 5 years ago and I would love to go back. I’m not sure that trip could ever be replicated, but it would be fun to try. (It also seems like I have written about this recently, but my mind might be tricking me)

Around Christmas, my brother and I were playing poker at my friend’s house. She and her husband were talking about taking a trip, possibly to Mexico, and suddenly we were talking about going together. I think none of us were sure if we would travel well together, but once we found the deal we were looking for, we just decided to chance it. Everything fell into place perfectly. We found a small, adults-only, all-inclusive resort that was right on the beach and we booked it.

When we arrived, we had to figure out how to get through Customs, since we hadn’t traveled out of the country before. I remember drug sniffing beagles, which amused me for some reason. Once we cleared customs, and made our way to the door, we passed a bunch of kiosks offering different side trips and time share sales pitches. My friend’s husband, Mike, is very friendly and he started talking to one of the guys. We ended up with an all day pass to the Hardrock Hotel and all we had to do was sit through a short presentation on timeshares. No problem. He also scored discount tickets to Xel-Ha, a natural water park.

The hotel was beautiful. It had an open courtyard with a bar, all of it in tile (which is slippery when your feet are wet and/or when you’re drunk). The rooms also had tile floors and a beautiful walk in shower. We didn’t spend much time in the room, so the only thing that really impressed me was the shower. The resort also had a restaurant that had amazing food – I took a lot of boring food pictures. They had a huge outdoor area with an infinity pool that had a swim up bar.

And of course we had a private beach for the hotel guests. The guys were trying to body surf and I was just trying to stay on my feet. That was due to the waves, but also to the fact that we spent four days doing nothing but eating and drinking mai tais. The side trip to the Hard Rock was also amazing. It isn’t part of the Hard Rock chain (not sure how they got to keep the name) but they did have a ton of memorabilia. It was packed with people, but we spent an hour at the presentation and then got to play the rest of the time.

I could write for days about Xel-Ha. It was another paradise. We tubed on a river, swam, snorkeled, and of course drank mai tais.

While I can drink mai tais here and I have several lakes plus the bay to play in, there is just something magical about Cancun. I’d go back in a hot minute, but this time I would spend a little more time and explore a little more. I’d love to take a boat out on the ocean for deep sea fishing.

Maybe I should start planning now … my birthday is coming up.