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My first cat was named Telli, but I called her ‘the fucking cat’ or TFC.(Believe me, she deserved that nickname). I named my blog The Friggin’ Cat House because I liked the play on words and because MoC convinced me that ‘The Fucking Cat House’ would be too offensive.

When we finally do the Sibling House, one of my rooms will be The Fucking Cat Room – or TFCR.  This room will have everything a cat could possibly want. Both of my cats like to be up high, so I’ll put cat walks on the walls and across the ceiling. There will be real trees (okay, small trees that are just big enough for a cat to climb), several kitty condos and lots of places to hide.

It will need to have lots of light, to make sunbeams for the beasts to sun themselves. I’ll have cat-safe vegetation (catnip, anyone?) and cat grass for them to munch on. I’m even going to set up a screen and have videos of nature constantly playing, so they can watch and listen to birds. That’s in addition to the bird feeders I will set up outside the windows for their viewing pleasure.

Every day I will spread treats around the room for them to hunt and find. And of course, there will be tons of toys that I will switch out so they don’t get bored.  Indy likes felt mice and Fiona likes the laser pointer. I’m sure there is a machine that will automatically point the laser when I’m not there – if there is, I’ll buy that. If there isn’t, I will pay someone to invent it for me.

I think I’m going to need some more cats.