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When we were kids, MoC used to make our favorite meal for our birthdays. Except my birthday, because my favorite meal was meatloaf and my brother didn’t like it. I never understood why he couldn’t eat a peanut butter sandwich or something and let me enjoy my goddamn meatloaf. But I’m not bitter about it or anything.

But today’s challenge is to talk about my favorite meal – and I’ve told the meatloaf story often. So I’m thinking about all the meals my sister and I have made since I moved here. We make a menu for the week and then go shopping and take turns cooking. It’s been so much fun.

We are trying new things, which is great for me because I never considered myself much of a cook. I used to say it was because it’s difficult to cook for one person, but really it was because it just wasn’t as much fun to do it by myself.  I found a recipe for turkey taco spaghetti squash boats, which sounds awful but was actually delicious. MMB made gazpacho soup tonight – oh, my God. It was insanely good.

One of the benefits of cooking almost every meal at home is that I’m finally losing weight.  We aren’t eating junk – if you don’t count ice cream – and I’m losing weight without trying very hard. For me, the other benefit is just getting to spend some time with MMB, being creative and playful and learning some new kitchen skills.

I’m trying food I never would have touched before – and I love it. They say your taste buds change every seven years, so according to the schedule, mine changed again last year. It helps knowing that trying something new isn’t actually going to kill me. Some things (like the gazpacho) I like better than others but we haven’t cooked anything yet that I simply hated.

Now I’m hungry …