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I’ve never paid much attention to money or social status – which could explain my bank account and social standing. However, I do think we create our own reality, so I have no one to point to but myself. If I were to transform myself and climb that ladder, my life probably wouldn’t look much different than it does today.

If my writing started to pay off (and I will either need to monetize my blog or start publishing novels every other week like Stephen King), I definitely have some ideas about what I would do and how I would handle it.

The nice thing about creative endeavors is that they are virtually unlimited. I can make as much or as little money as I want – it’s only dictated by my own effort. In this little fantasy, my effort is monumental and so is my income.

I would travel a lot. I’d make MMB go with me (probably wouldn’t be a hard sell) because traveling solo just isn’t as much fun. But I need to expand my horizons in order to flex my writing muscles, so I would first explore this country from sea to shining sea and everything in the middle. Then we’d head to Europe and then Asia.

I would still live simply. I don’t need a huge house or staff to run it (although I would hire a cleaning service because I don’t want to clean now and I can’t imagine that having a lot of money would suddenly change that). The first thing I would buy is a car. Again, nothing fancy, just reliable. And with automatic locks and windows.

My final major purchase would be land to build the Sibling House, which is actually going to be a small compound with common areas and separate living spaces for MMB, David, JR and me.  Close enough to walk into town, but with lots of privacy around (and within) the house itself.  Of course, my wing will include a space to write and the other siblings will have spaces to do their own thing as well.

As for the rest of that pile of money – I’d save it and invest it. I want enough to live comfortably without any worries. I don’t need to be accepted by the Joneses. I don’t care what anyone thinks now so I am certain I won’t care what anyone thinks when I have money. It’s just not that important to me.

What would you do if you found yourself in a different ‘station’ in life?