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I’m two days behind on the writing challenge and I’m not sure I am going to catch up. I am supposed to write about a favorite toy – didn’t have one. If you’re new around here, I’m not sentimental about things. People, yes. Things, no. I had a Mrs Beasley doll. I don’t think I played with it much after the newness wore off. My grandparents had a plastic Jeep, with a plastic man and a plastic dog that I played with sometimes when I went to their house (it wasn’t really kid-friendly). I have it now. I don’t really care.

And the next challenge is to write about the television, movie or book character that I would be best friends with. Again .. I got nothin’. Maybe I’d go for one of the Charmed sisters – probably Phoebe. She was the cutest and she seemed to be the most woo-woo … if a fictional character who is a witch who has premonitions can actually be considered woo-woo. We could hang out and when we got into some kind of trouble (which of course would happen because she’s a witch) then she could do some of her ninja karate moves to get us out of it.

Or maybe I’d pick Monica or Rachel from Friends. I’m really good at just sitting around, drinking coffee and talking about nothing.