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If I were making a living writing, I’d buy a beach house. My office would definitely overlook the water because that’s the entire point of a beach house. My desk would be big – probably just a big table and not a proper desk at all – and I would put it in front of the window.  There would be a stack of books on the edge of the desk that hadn’t made it to the built-in bookcase yet. My chair would be so comfortable that I would want to sit in it all day.  I would also have a few pictures on the desk (or on the wall over it) – pictures of me with Stephen King or Dean Koontz or a few really good, about-to-be-famous scribblers. The room also has a couch and a couple of recliners, but not a television. Being distracted by the ocean is one thing. Being distracted by a stupid sit-com is another story entirely.

I would get up when I woke up, around seven or eight, lounge around drinking coffee, playing with the cats, reading for a bit until I woke up properly. Then I’d walk on the beach for inspiration because I can’t help but get all smoothed out when I’m near the water. Once I got back home, nice and relaxed, I’d get to work.

I’d write for a few hours, until I needed to stretch, and then I’d take another leisurely walk on the beach, or swim for a while to clear my head. If I’m doing well enough, I might have a pool, too. That way, I could swim without worrying about sharks and jellyfish and other creatures. After lunch, I would write for another hour or two and then just take it easy. After dinner, I would curl up on the couch with a book or watch something fun on Netflix.

I’d have a smaller desk in my bedroom (or another room, I haven’t decided yet) where I could pay bills and check my email. The desk and computer in the office would only be for writing because it’s hard for me to get back in the groove of writing after I’ve tried to balance my checkbook.

I would also have a fireplace in the living room, to help keep the place cozy in the winter and give the beasts a warm hearth to nap on.  In the winter, or any time I was just feeling lazy, I would get comfy on the couch and work on my laptop.  The couch in that room is beat up to the point where it’s the exact perfect comfort level, with huge soft pillows and a couple of afghans tossed over the back.

Now I need to go look at beach houses on Zillow.

What is your perfect writing space?