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Every day, when I look out my windows, I see possibility. Maybe I’m romanticizing a bit, but this new town makes me feel hopeful, optimistic and excited every day. It’s even pretty when it rains, which is a lot. Even rain brings hope, though, because everything comes alive in the rain – trees, flowers, grass.

If I’m standing at just the right angle in the kitchen, I can see the top of Mount Baker. Out the dining room window I can look at the gorgeous landscaping my sister has worked on for the last twenty years. Every minute she spent on it was worth it. MMB has created a haven here. I’m still working on learning the names of all the plants. She has a beautiful plum tree in the back, gorgeous holly bushes line the front yard, and a glorious magnolia tree in the front – but those are only the ones I can name.

I can drive 5 minutes to Glass Beach, which used to be a dump. It’s probably not a good idea to walk barefoot on the beach, but it’s right on the bay and the view is spectacular.  Giant driftwood logs serve as seating for those who just want to lounge.  A few ducks make their home nearby. And looking out at the bay, you can see barges or a sailboat or two.

I’ve been here in the middle of summer and in the dead of winter and in the early fall, but I think spring is my favorite season here. It’s a renewal, of course, but it’s also a promise of what is to come in the summer – or in the future.

In the past, I would have said my favorite view was in Cancun, Mexico. It is gorgeous but it doesn’t really stack up to the beauty I can find in my backyard. Water is mesmerizing to me – and so I am mesmerized nearly every day. Looking out any window in this house, I feel peaceful. I feel that the world is open to me and I can do or be whatever I want. My parents told me that as a child, but I truly feel it in my bones now. I just know.