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Why is it that I keep getting (minor) sunburns in the PNW and it rarely happened in the midwest (where a typical April afternoon is sunny and about 70 degrees)? I don’t understand. Yes, you can get sunburned on cloudy days … been there, done that. But I’m talking about driving for 10 minutes in the car … or taking a 20 minute walk. It just seems crazy to me. But not so crazy that I refused to invest in some sunscreen.

I have words this week! Words for you to play with and then later, some words to read. The first set of words comes from lunanina and the second set of words will come from my head. With Indy as my witness, I will write those words as soon as I finish this post. Probably.

All you need to do is write down the first thing that comes to mind and post your answers in the comments. There is no prize but everyone wins.  Ready? Go.

  1. Field ::
  2. Ding ::
  3. Teenager ::
  4. Podcast ::
  5. Vibrator ::
  6. Radio ::
  7. Brat ::
  8. Dwell ::
  9. Piano ::
  10. Perish ::

  1. Field :: hockey
  2. Ding :: bat
  3. Teenager ::rebellious
  4. Podcast :: hmm. maybe I should do that?
  5. Vibrator :: Vybrant! (and points if you get the reference)
  6. Radio :: DJ
  7. Brat :: whiny
  8. Dwell :: obsess
  9. Piano :: lessons
  10. Perish :: the thought