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I like odd numbers. Maybe that’s because I was born in an odd-numbered year and my birthday is on an odd-numbered day. Or maybe it’s because my parents made me right-handed, but forgot about my feet, so I’m right-handed and left foot dominant. Whatever the reason, I like odd numbers and I feel that this year is going to be oddly fabulous.

I am ramping up my preparations for the move. This week should see my furniture halved and my “stuff” boxed, donated or tossed. It makes it real – and I’m getting excited, now that I’m (mostly) over the panic stage.

I am even having a party for my birthday, although I feel I must point out that I was kind of tricked into it. (You know who you are and I know where you live.) I’ve had one birthday party in my life. I was 9 and I remember panicking and feeling like I was being a terrible hostess. I don’t expect to feel much differently about this one, but I’ll probably be drunk so it won’t matter.

I have lots more to talk about – and I will – but right now, I’m going to give you a list of words that I copied from LunaNina. All you have to do is write in the comments the first word or phrase you think about. Super easy and nobody wins anything. On the other hand, no one loses anything, either. And then I’m off to finish cleaning my house … so that I can destroy it later in the week.

My answers are after the fold. Ready? Go.

  1. Farmer ::
  2. Ambition ::
  3. Dinner ::
  4. Blind ::
  5. Privacy ::
  6. Listening ::
  7. Portrait ::
  8. Flannel ::
  9. Responsibility ::
  10. Idea ::

  1. Farmer :: John
  2. Ambition :: Blonde
  3. Dinner :: date
  4. Blind :: mice
  5. Privacy :: concern
  6. Listening :: device
  7. Portrait :: painting
  8. Flannel :: shirt
  9. Responsibility :: ownership
  10. Idea :: light bulb!