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A couple of months ago, I cleaned up my Facebook news feed and unfollowed a bunch of people who were posting political stuff. It was bipartisan – I simply don’t want to hear it. We’re still friends, I just don’t see their posts anymore unless I choose to. It’s all so negative and doomsday-ish. The result was eye-opening. I realized that I wasn’t depressed and cranky, but that I am a person who is profoundly affected by my surroundings. A few years ago I did the same thing with television shows that were too dark, violent and dramatic. I did it with music a decade ago. For some reason, I thought my friends’ opinions on the news, politics and social issues wouldn’t affect me. Whoops.

So now my Facebook feed is filled with kittens and rainbows, just the way I like it. I’m less snappish (I’m a Capricorn. I’m always going to have some snap) and don’t carry around that low-level anger I’d been feeling over the summer.

Want some words? Me, too!  I copy and paste the words from LunaNina and you can copy them from me and paste them in the comments, along with your answers.  Let’s play!


  1. Brace ::
  2. Upgrade ::
  3. Run ::
  4. Construction ::
  5. Lazy ::
  6. Email ::
  7. Hide ::
  8. Hornet ::
  9. Wonder ::
  10. Hesitate ::

  1. Brace :: yourself
  2. Upgrade :: first class
  3. Run :: faster
  4. Construction :: zone
  5. Lazy :: Sunday
  6. Email :: spam
  7. Hide :: and seek
  8. Hornet :: nest
  9. Wonder :: woman!
  10. Hesitate :: second-guess