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For years – okay, fine, decades – I’ve examined my world and my life from the inside out. Which is something we all do at times, right? I look at the piece that is in my hand and then try to jam it into the design where I think it will fit best. It works out eventually, but it makes everything else so much harder.  Most people also look at things from the outside in, which helps them see the entire puzzle and figure out where that one piece fits. Sometimes it is a piece that won’t work for another five years and those who can see that pattern are also able to plan effectively for the future. Exactly like Jenga, except in Jenga you’re taking pieces out instead of putting pieces in. Anyway …


I suck at Jenga. I’m great at perseverance, though, and I’m lucky in that things usually work out for me. What I’m figuring out lately is how to take that broader, outside-in view and see where pieces might fit in three months, six months or a year from now. And it’s looking pretty good, actually.

Now let’s play a word game … Unconscious Mutterings.  You can play along by putting your answers in the comment section.  Pencils up … and … go!

  1. Cackle ::
  2. $5 ::
  3. Olympics ::
  4. Stink ::
  5. Announcement ::
  6. Polish ::
  7. Frizzy ::
  8. Name ::
  9. Endings ::
  10. Misty ::

  1. Cackle :: witch
  2. $5 :: bill
  3. Olympics :: gold
  4. Stink :: odor
  5. Announcement :: public
  6. Polish :: sausage
  7. Frizzy :: hair
  8. Name :: tag
  9. Endings :: happy
  10. Misty :: morning