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So, after basically telling my boss and her boss to stuff it (in nicer terms), I had an uneventful week. One of the things I loved about this company was that, despite its size, senior management operated like it was a very small company. They knew that high employee morale showed itself in happy customers and happy customers returned … and brought their friends. But things have changed in the last three years and now the (new) senior management runs the company like any large-ish company, more concerned with the bottom line than anything else. It makes me sad.

In other news, Trump called Senator Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ … which I find highly amusing. The political analysts (and 90% of my Facebook feed) are losing their minds over it – calling Trump racist and boorish and just plain mean. I’m not going to get into all the backstory, but basically … Warren deserves the moniker. And I actually like her. If she were running instead of Hillary, I might have a horse in this race. The uproar over this just makes me even more convinced that if these two switched parties and the same thing happened, Trump would be a (democrat) hero for calling out Warren on her bullshit. In other words – the game never changes and the players are meaningless. And it’s been that way for 50 years, at least.

But you wanted Unconscious Mutterings … and I am here to serve. The words come from LunaNina and the answers are supplied by you. Answer with the first thing that pops into your head and let’s see how weird you can be! Ready? Go.

  1. Daughter ::
  2. Intercom ::
  3. Employee ::
  4. Alter ego ::
  5. Differences ::
  6. Android ::
  7. Leather ::
  8. Angry ::
  9. Remote ::
  10. Strange ::

  1. Daughter :: son
  2. Intercom :: loudspeaker
  3. Employee :: of the month
  4. Alter ego :: Capricorn Cringe!
  5. Differences :: religious
  6. Android :: rules
  7. Leather :: strap
  8. Angry :: birds
  9. Remote :: access
  10. Strange :: days