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I am still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that there really won’t be another opportunity to see Prince perform (and I wanted to see the Piano and a Microphone show!). It seems so surreal to me.

Since I don’t normally grieve when musicians or celebrities leave this world (sorry  Bowie fans), my reaction to Prince’s death surprised me – but apparently not anyone else. A lot of people reached out to me Thursday and Friday and made me feel loved and not alone. Prince touched everyone.

I’m the youngest of four, so back in the day I never had control of the radio. I listened to what my sisters and brother listened to and when they weren’t around, I listened to what my parents wanted to listen to. Prince was the first musician I discovered on my own – and oh my God, how I loved him. I found 1999 first and then Purple Rain came out and then I wanted to know what else he had done and so I found Dirty Mind/Controversy and For You. And my 30 year love affair with Prince began …

I lost track of his work … it was easy to do. He was so prolific that I think only a super-stalker-fan could have kept up with his output. But I got back on board with the Love Symbol album with a new band called The New Power Generation, with songs like The Max, The Continental and Sexy Motherfucker.

Here’s a little clip I found that will at least give you the melody but it’s not the full song. Because Prince controlled his music as fiercely as he played it, but that’s another story.


Anyway, I wanted to dance to this song at my wedding – and MoC lost her shit. While I can say that she wasn’t really judgmental, she was very conventional and no child of hers was going to be so outrageous on such an important occasion. God forbid.  I’m trying to remember if I played it … I think I might have … just not as the first dance. If I ever get married again, I’m dancing to this song. There is no one left alive with the power to stop me now.

And Graffiti Bridge, Diamonds and Pearls, and Musicology all pulled me back into the fold – but I never really left. With 3121, I began to realize that Prince really was the soundtrack to my entire life. Even the Black Album taught me that sometimes – very, very rarely – Prince was just in a mood and music produced in that mood kind of sucked.

I re-watched Purple Rain last night. Tonight I will probably watch Under the Cherry Moon, if I can get through it. Maybe my perspective has changed since the last time I tried to watch it. Hell, maybe I’ll give the Black Album another shot, too.

I keep hearing the common theme “it was too soon! He died too young!” and I agree with that. But Prince transcended rules … and had he lived to be 90, it still would have been too soon and he still would have songs to write. So I’m grateful for the music he gave us and will be making a list of the music I need to get back – I can’t find Dirty Mind/Controversy, Graffiti Bridge, Sign o’ the Times or Musicology now.

It’s never going to be the same … but maybe it was never supposed to be the same again.

Thanks Prince. I, too, am #trans4med.