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I know, I know. I keep saying I’ll never stop doing Unconscious Mutterings and then I stop doing Unconscious Mutterings. In my defense, I just get distracted and forget. Blame it on my ADD, baby. Or the fact that I’ve been really tired in the evenings because I have to use my brain all day at work. Or that I’ve been walking on my treadmill (almost) every day. Or that the Royals are back in the World Series and it was VERY IMPORTANT that I watch each and every playoff game. As you can see, neglect of the is blog is clearly not my fault. If it were, I would totally take responsibility for that. (And yes, yes I did type that with a straight face.)

So .. Unconscious Mutterings. Can you handle the words?? Of course you can! My answers are after the jump. Just put your answers in the comments and let’s see what happens! Pencils up .. ready? GO.

  1. Frustration ::
  2. Ordered ::
  3. Imagination ::
  4. Horizon ::
  5. Flu ::
  6. System ::
  7. Bombastic ::
  8. Windows ::
  9. Pumping ::
  10. Scorched ::

  1. Frustration :: unable to play music on anything, computer, MP3, iPod 😦
  2. Ordered :: list
  3. Imagination :: freedom
  4. Horizon :: sunset
  5. Flu :: shot
  6. System :: failure
  7. Bombastic :: Trump
  8. Windows :: 10? Should I?
  9. Pumping :: iron
  10. Scorched :: earth