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I have always believed that (most) people do the best they can with what they have to work with at that time. I have also always believed that people can, and do, change. At heart, I really am an optimist with a touch of gallows humor.

But those were just abstract thoughts and so my actions never matched up with my beliefs. The optimism got buried underneath sarcasm, impatience and anger. In fact, it was buried so deeply that I forgot it was there.  As I started reading more about consciousness and spiritual journeys, I began paying more attention to my actions. Things like how I treat a cashier who can’t figure out how to ring up a Bartlett pear or getting stuck in traffic became very noticeable to me – and made me uncomfortable since it often didn’t match my real feelings. I started being more mindful of how I interact with people and as I did that, my patience grew and I was kinder and more thoughtful.

I was still stressed at work, though. I love the company. My boss is cool and I don’t have issues with any coworkers but the job itself became tedious, pressure from management increased and my stress level was a lot higher than I realized. Then I got an email from my boss asking for volunteers to help out another department “at least through Labor Day.”  I asked a few questions and the answers were encouraging, so I told my boss I would consider it and let her know. As soon as I sent that email I thought, “What are you thinking about? You’ve been telling the Universe that you are open and receptive to change and this is dropped in your lap and you have to THINK about it?”  So I accepted.

The department is located in a different building. I have to drive every day when I was used to working at home four days a week. I can’t wear jeans every day. I don’t know anyone. And … it is exactly what I needed. The work is very interesting and completely different from what I did before, but I can still use the knowledge I have to help me with this job. My manager is very knowledgeable and approachable and all the coworkers are helpful. By the end of two days I was completely confused but I realized I hadn’t felt so good about work in years. I also realized that despite feeling like I was in the deep end with no life jacket, I was not stressed out.  By the end of the week, I knew I wanted to stay in that department.

The only obstacle is … there is not an opening in that department. Yet. I have a very good feeling about this situation and I am excited to see what happens next.

And now, the moment you’ve actually read this far to get to:  Unconscious Mutterings. I got the words from LunaNina and all you have to do is put your answers in the comments. Or not. Either way is cool because now I’m at peace with the Universe.  My answers are after the jump. Ready?

  1. Games ::
  2. Postage ::
  3. Germs ::
  4. Pump ::
  5. Mirror ::
  6. Slogan ::
  7. Wagon ::
  8. Treatment ::
  9. Bloody ::
  10. Spray ::

  1. Games :: people play in the middle of the night
  2. Postage :: paid
  3. Germs :: cooties
  4. Pump :: gas
  5. Mirror :: reflect
  6. Slogan :: catchy
  7. Wagon :: band
  8. Treatment :: plan
  9. Bloody :: Mary
  10. Spray :: tan