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In the last six weeks, in no particular order, I have:

  1. Attended a class reunion, by myself with only one friend as a kind emotional touch-point, and did not get drunk in order to get through it
  2. Decided to attend a writing workshop
    1. paid for the workshop and plane ticket, making it impossible to back out
  3. Responded with kindness to a wrong-number text from a stranger, even though it took the stranger 2 texts from me to realize it was a wrong number
  4. Worn a swimsuit twice
  5. Volunteered to go to a different department at work and learn a new job
    1. discovered after volunteering that it will most likely be permanent
    2. discovered that I won’t be able to work at home for the foreseeable future, or when I am able to work at home, for as many days as I do now.
    3. discovered that I will have to dress like an adult, in business casual clothes, instead of the jeans and t-shirts that I got used to
    4. discovered that the new department is in another building, so that not only will I not know anyone I’m working directly with, I won’t know anyone at all.
    5. discovered that I’m not really concerned about any of that
  6. Had a dream that I was in a car, on a ledge that crumbled away and I plunged hundreds of feet straight down. I panicked, I got REALLY scared and then I relaxed and resigned myself to it … and woke up. And didn’t consider that a nightmare – I considered it a sign of change. Good change.
  7. Painted my toenails for the first time ever. Painted them “Wild Strawberry” – not exactly a muted, ‘don’t look at my feet’ kind of color. I’ll probably do it again, too.

It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore.

And so, since I don’t know who I am, it stands to reason that I don’t know who you are, either. But we can fix that because I have Unconscious Mutterings and all you have to do is put your answers in the comments and then we’ll all know who (and what) we’re dealing with.  Pencils up. Ready? Go.

  1. Survey ::
  2. Groups ::
  3. Notes ::
  4. Orientation ::
  5. Interviews ::
  6. Building ::
  7. Star Wars ::
  8. Youth ::
  9. Details ::
  10. Italics ::

  1. Survey :: says?!
  2. Groups :: social
  3. Notes :: lists
  4. Orientation :: walk-through
  5. Interviews :: polite verbal torment
  6. Building :: permit
  7. Star Wars :: Darth Vader
  8. Youth :: campaign
  9. Details :: trees
  10. Italics :: important