I rediscovered a recipe I had copied for cheater Red Lobster biscuits. For those who may be unaware, Red Lobster has cheddar biscuits that have a secret ingredient that make them irresistible. So it would make sense that any biscuit I made would not have that secret ingredient. I have never been so deliciously wrong in my life. And I ate almost half of them before I stashed them in the freezer for safety.  Whether it was for their safety or mine is hard to determine. And thank you to Kelly for the justification you will find in the title.

BUT. I’m on a quest. I’m eating better (much better). I’m back on the yoga track. And I decided the best way to get a little jump start is to do a juice cleanse. So now I need a juicer. But before I go and sacrifice myself to the crowds at Wamart, I thought I would leave you with some words. Words are done by LunaNina and all you have to do is say the first thing that comes to mind.

Put your answers in the comments, if you dare.

  1. Fatty ::
  2. Injection ::
  3. Fearless ::
  4. Overflow ::
  5. Contract ::
  6. Steal ::
  7. Heartless ::
  8. Flap ::
  9. Baseline ::
  10. Merger ::

  1. Fatty :: acids
  2. Injection :: flu shot
  3. Fearless :: crazy
  4. Overflow :: toilet
  5. Contract :: void
  6. Steal :: thief
  7. Heartless :: Hannah
  8. Flap :: jack
  9. Baseline :: 90 feet
  10. Merger :: acquistion