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You missed me, just admit it. If nothing else, you’ve missed my highly amusing titles. My titling skills are unparalleled. Lately I’ve been hanging out on a hugely popular social network. This autumn and winter has been a time of hibernation for me with lots of internal shifts happening. I needed to sit with it for a while and that hugely popular social network allows quick, easy interaction with no strings attached – well, unless you consider privacy issues strings. Then a hugely popular social network probably isn’t the place to be. Anyway, that particular niche suited me.

You don’t care about any of that, though, do you? You’re wondering about that warm dickhead. So was I, believe me! Tell you what, here’s a link to the song and you can try to figure out what I misheard.  (Hint: Second verse)

I went to the PNW with my sibling to hang with my other siblings and had a wonderful, relaxing vacation. The highlight was my nephew’s 21st birthday.  I think the picture speaks for itself, don’t you?








Did you think I forgot Unconscious Mutterings? Perish the thought!


  1. Astrology ::
  2. Funeral ::
  3. Candor ::
  4. Dynamic ::
  5. Oh my god! ::
  6. Cancer ::
  7. Ross ::
  8. Heroes ::
  9. Rachael ::
  10. Effortlessly ::

  1. Astrology :: When the moon is in the 7th House and Jupiter aligns with Mars
  2. Funeral :: procession
  3. Candor :: honesty
  4. Dynamic :: duo
  5. Oh my god! :: Jesus Christ!
  6. Cancer :: Pisces
  7. Ross :: Gellar
  8. Heroes :: everyday
  9. Rachael :: Green
  10. Effortlessly :: easily