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Yesterday I was flipping channels and saw a teaser for a (what else?) reality show called Kentucky Justice. The promo showed a sad-faced cop walking away from a jail cell and then he says, “My sister. She’s charged with four felonies.” And I started laughing because one of my siblings could totally say that, if only one of them was a cop. (Not really. I could come up with a lot more felonies.)

This afternoon I plan on watching my hometown football team play (and win, if the gods are smiling) and immediately after the football game, the hometown baseball team plays a divisional playoff game. That has not happened in at least 29 years. I know that because the sports guys keep telling me the Royals haven’t been in a playoff game in 29 years. That’s weird to me. It seems like longer.

Words. Want some? Fortunately for us, LunaNina never skips weeks the way I do. Put your responses in the comments and let’s see how they compare.

But first … Royals, rumored to have been inspired by George Brett and the ’85 team, but you wouldn’t know that from the video.

  1. Candle light ::
  2. Kevin ::
  3. Fireplace ::
  4. Pots ::
  5. Scarf ::
  6. Colossal ::
  7. Golf ::
  8. Construction ::
  9. Reason ::
  10. Washington ::

  1. Candle light :: dinner
  2. Kevin :: Harlan
  3. Fireplace :: cozy
  4. Pots :: and pans
  5. Scarf :: knot
  6. Colossal :: mistake
  7. Golf :: no.
  8. Construction :: zone
  9. Reason :: logic
  10. Washington :: Where half my tribe lives