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The first part of the title is a song lyric. If you know it, you’re kind of old. Just sayin’ …

They look lazy, don’t they?

lazy cats

I found a small, squished fly corpse by the back door, so I love them. Because they’re not lazy about killing things and that’s important.

Nothing is more important than Unconscious Mutterings, brought to us by LunaNina. She’s been posting these for 601 weeks – 11 years. Now that’s dedication. There is almost 9 years worth of stuff on this blog. That’s a lot of stuff. There may or may not be a quiz when I finally close this down, so you might want to go back to my archives and brush up on the basics.

Words! Here they are! You say the first thing that comes to mind and post it in the comments. Then we’ll compare notes and privately feel relieved that we aren’t as weird as everyone else.

  1. I think I love ::
  2. Obsessed ::
  3. Dancers ::
  4. Guitar ::
  5. Hurry up! ::
  6. Thump ::
  7. Conquest::
  8. Lights ::
  9. Rose ::
  10. Birthday ::

  1. I think I love :: WHITE FINK I love you!
  2. Obsessed :: crazed
  3. Dancers :: go-go
  4. Guitar :: prodigy
  5. Hurry up! :: and wait
  6. Thump :: in the dark
  7. Conquest:: achievement
  8. Lights :: camera! Action!
  9. Rose :: thorn
  10. Birthday :: party