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My purchases have arrived.



Plus a mattress and foundation that you really don’t want to see. Unless you do. Then I’m sorry, because I’m too lazy to go find pictures. It is all waiting patiently for my brother to pick up and then bring it here to put it together. And I have to get my room cleaned out first, so that is this week’s project. Next weekend at this time, I should have a new bedroom. It goes with the table and stools I bought for the kitchen.

Winsome Wood Antique Walnut Kitchen Island with Two Drawers  Winsome Saddle Seat 24-Inch Counter Stool, Walnut

At the moment, the table and one stool have been completed. My intent was to put the stools together while my brother put the table together. I wanted to help. I wanted to be useful.  I failed because the instructions were pictures. I like words. I need words. I don’t understand pictures. In fact, I once took an IQ test online and found that 96% of the people who took the same test were better at spatial relations. I should have printed the results. Reading comprehension: Genius. Logic: Genius. Math: Meh, average. Spatial relations: Damn, girl, you STOOPID.  And so, my brother fixed the stool that I almost broke with my stoopid and the other is still in the box. And all of that caused my brother to say, when I asked him if I could borrow a level to put up the bathroom shelf: Do you even know how to read a level?  (The answer is yes. Probably.)

I promise I will post pictures of all of it when it is living here in my home, but for now, I have words. Unconscious Mutterings, to be precise. Answer in the comments with the first thing that jumps into your head. Ready? Go.

  1. Onion ::
  2. Greek ::
  3. Construct ::
  4. Crunch ::
  5. Bottom ::
  6. Cream ::
  7. Slamming ::
  8. Jerk ::
  9. Closed ::
  10. Texture ::

  1. Onion :: peel
  2. Greek :: goddess
  3. Construct :: destruct
  4. Crunch :: time
  5. Bottom :: line
  6. Cream :: Prince song
  7. Slamming :: probably a Prince song
  8. Jerk :: Not a Prince song (but could be)
  9. Closed :: off
  10. Texture :: rough