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Oh, hai, Interwebs!

So great to see you again! I’ve been reading some stuff and watching some stuff and doing some stuff and not doing other stuff, like this blog. My work stuff changed completely last week and now I feel challenged and engaged and interested. Which is fantastic because work stuff – generally speaking – has been chaotic for the last six months. Okay, for the last 4 years … but that brings me to other stuff.

Four years ago, lots of stuff happened right in a row and then, a couple months later, MoC had the stroke. One of the good things that happened in that period was that I rejoined the workforce when I was hired for a specific project. Sorry to be cryptic, it’s not classified information, but it’s a touchy subject, so that’s all I want to say. That specific project is now ending and the people have been transferred into new departments. Which is how and why everything at work changed for me from a Friday afternoon to a Monday morning.

And then I realized … it’s over. The events that started that cycle of tumult have now concluded. The last thread has been tied off. So what’s next? I can’t wait to find out.

But first, words. LunaNina gives us the list and you give us your first thought. It’s like therapy, only it’s free. And more fun.

  1. Today ::
  2. Lips ::
  3. Seethe ::
  4. Desired ::
  5. Patrol ::
  6. Nails ::
  7. Pastry ::
  8. Jacket ::
  9. Button ::
  10. Feel ::

  1. Today :: is tomorrow’s yesterday
  2. Lips :: red
  3. Seethe :: slow burn
  4. Desired :: effect
  5. Patrol :: car
  6. Nails :: Nine Inch
  7. Pastry :: chef
  8. Jacket :: smoking
  9. Button :: The hardest button to button
  10. Feel :: free