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Someone, who shall remain nameless only because I don’t know who it was, gave me an ugly spring cold.  But just as it is always darkest before the dawn, it always gets worse before it gets better, so I decided that I should mow the back yard last night, while I was still on my feet and halfway functioning. Because the second day of a cold is always worse than the first and flying fresh-cut grass and dead dandelion fluff don’t do much to help clogged sinuses. I managed to finish the job without passing out and as I pushed the mower toward the garage, I saw two of my neighbors black cats investigating the garage. I saw one run outside and the other ran toward the front of my car.  I put the mower away and kicked at a couple boxes that are at the front of the garage to make sure he wasn’t hiding. I didn’t see him come out, so I used a push broom to do a sweep under my car and still didn’t see him.  I finally got on my hands and knees to look under the car – no cat.  I went back outside and saw the first black cat sitting on my neighbor’s porch, but no sign of the other. I’m hoping he ran outside and ran off somewhere – because if he didn’t, he’s still in my garage and I don’t have to go anywhere until tomorrow …

Here are some words to entertain you while I take a nap and use the power of my will to make this cold disappear. Words come from here and your answers come from … a dark and scary place …

  1. Death ::
  2. Skirt ::
  3. Lust ::
  4. You ::
  5. Repeat ::
  6. Exhaustion ::
  7. Obstruction ::
  8. Secret ::
  9. Shiny ::
  10. Tell ::

  1. Death :: rattle
  2. Skirt :: chaser
  3. Lust :: ful
  4. You :: know.
  5. Repeat :: again?
  6. Exhaustion :: heat
  7. Obstruction :: of justice
  8. Secret :: admirer
  9. Shiny :: coins
  10. Tell :: me …