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Things that have taken my attention this week:

  • Wine. This wine in particular.
  • Because of the above wine escapade, I used this glass to drink it.

It’s hard to see in this image, but the name on the glass is Ralph and the date is March 5, 1994. It wasn’t meant to be symbolic; it wasn’t even intentional. I just grabbed a glass and took it outside. But it made me smile. Of all my exes, none of them live in Texas and my favorite is Ralph. Not to brag or anything, but I’m probably his favorite ex, too.

And all of that made me think about the last twenty years. It’s certainly been an interesting ride and had you asked me when I was 27 then where I thought I would end up, the answer probably wouldn’t be “here.” Yet here I am, exactly where I am supposed to be.

The book on the table (Seth Speaks) has begun to answer some questions I wasn’t aware I was asking. I’ve never read a book so slowly in my life, but I am absorbing this one syllable by syllable.

  • Work. Because it’s always there.
  • Dating. A quasi-friend at work offered to set me up with one of her friends. I said yes … and then something told me no. Not yet.
  • Red meat. I’m considering giving it up. It’s a hard decision because I love steak. I love cheeseburgers. I like meatloaf and beef tacos. But … I don’t think it’s especially good for me. Note I said ME, not YOU. YOU can eat what you want and you can cook it on the same grill, too. (see below)
  • But that brought me to Dating, Part 2. I told a friend I was considering giving up red meat or restricting it severely. And that’s when she said: Oh, I should set you up with my ex. She’s a vegetarian.

And she went on to sing her ex’s praises – she’s nice, she’s funny, she’s cute, she’s smart. The only thing is, because she is a vegetarian, it is kind of a hassle to hang out with her. She needs separate utensils and even a separate grill because just the taste of meat makes her violently ill. And that’s when I checked out of the conversation because all I could see was a mental picture of one of my grade school lunches – applesauce, which I love, next to a pile of cooked spinach, which I hate. I can’t stand the smell of it and I can’t stand to look at it and if any spinach juice touched anything else on my plate, I couldn’t eat either thing. Not because it made me violently ill (although just typing about spinach activates my gag reflex) but because I was a picky eater. And I was a pain in the ass about a LOT of other things, too. So, no. It’s not time for me to date yet.

  • Politics. I used to be idealistic. I used to care. Now? I just want to punch everyone. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care which party you belong to. If you are running for or have run for or currently hold any public position, I am done with you. Forever.
  • Saturday Night Live.  I watched part of it last night for the first time in decades. I smiled. I didn’t laugh. Case closed.

But you wanted Unconscious Mutterings, didn’t you?  Fine, okay, we can do that. Put your answers in the comments or comment about anything else, or don’t comment at all. It’s your call. What are you going to do?

  1. Steady ::
  2. Sleep ::
  3. Thumb ::
  4. Straighten ::
  5. Wake up! ::
  6. Diminish ::
  7. Scarred ::
  8. Horn ::
  9. Pace ::
  10. Correspondence ::

  1. Steady :: rock steady
  2. Sleep :: dreams
  3. Thumb :: nail
  4. Straighten :: up
  5. Wake up! :: Off and on! Off your ass! On your feet!
  6. Diminish ::ed capacity
  7. Scarred :: for life
  8. Horn :: section
  9. Pace :: yourself
  10. Correspondence :: course