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When I looked at the stats that wordpress keeps for me, I found someone had visited this post. And I couldn’t remember what it was, but I bet myself that it was something I would like to see. So I opened the post … and won my bet. It made me laugh and remember a very happy day in the midst of a crazy, stressful year. Click the link. You know you want to.

I finished this book that MMB sent me for Christmas. It was entertaining and poignant and made me think of the freedom that sometimes happens when a parent dies. It happened that way for me. The ideas that I’ve been writing about lately are all things I’ve thought about and tried to kind of covertly act upon for years. It was always a half-hearted effort because if it failed – which I strongly suspected it would – then I could always write it off as something that I hadn’t really put much effort into. And that was always because I never wanted to disappoint my parents – as if being happy would be a disappointment to them. But now … now I don’t care. So there’s that.

And there is this:  Unconscious Mutterings. It’s why you come here, is it not?  Good.

You know how the game works and I expect everyone who reads this post to play the game today. Write the first word you think of … and pop it in the comments. Pencils up … go!

  1. Escape ::
  2. Deals ::
  3. Throat ::
  4. Pipe ::
  5. Flood ::
  6. Nose ::
  7. Crooked ::
  8. Flashes ::
  9. Noisy ::
  10. Corrupt ::

  1. Escape :: artist
  2. Deals :: steals
  3. Throat :: tonsils
  4. Pipe :: tobacco
  5. Flood :: gate
  6. Nose :: bleed
  7. Crooked :: cop
  8. Flashes :: of brilliance
  9. Noisy :: kids
  10. Corrupt :: government