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I don’t care if you want to walk around in a THC-induced haze. If you want to wake and bake and then spend the entire day trying to figure out if people know you’re stoned, that’s fine with me. But here’s a hint: we know. And if you are in front of me in line, please have the courtesy to have a written list of what you want (even if it takes you, like, um, 3 hours to write the list) so that you don’t waste my time trying to figure it out at the register and change your mind three times. Here’s another hint: don’t try to give correct change. Please. Just don’t.  Give the clerk a $20 and be done with it. She will input that amount and the machine will tell her how much to give you back. It’s a (nearly) fool-proof (and stoner-proof) system. You can put all that change in a jar and in a week, you’ll have enough for another bag of weed. Don’t ask me how I know this; just trust me. Get your shit together, dude.

Sorry. Where was I? Oh, yes, unconscious mutterings! Ready or not, here come the words:

  1. Partner ::
  2. Villain ::
  3. Signature ::
  4. Homespun ::
  5. Ultimate ::
  6. Don’t! ::
  7. Musical ::
  8. Candor ::
  9. Terrified ::
  10. Virus ::

  1. Partner :: in crime
  2. Villain ::ous
  3. Signature :: move
  4. Homespun :: wool
  5. Ultimate :: betrayal
  6. Don’t! :: do drugs and then get in front of me in a line. Please.
  7. Musical :: prodigy
  8. Candor :: honesty
  9. Terrified :: spiders
  10. Virus :: computer