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I did a Google search on myself and that was my result. Dead about 50 times over or a criminal. Or both. I mean, I am pretty talented.

creeper catThe talented MMB was here at the end of August and this is the visual proof that she tried to steal my cat. I sometimes call Fiona the Creeper Cat. MMB is now known forever more as Kreeper Kat. Because my nicknames for other people amuse me far more than they amuse the nicknamed person. I should be nice to her, though, because she has inspired me to take on my next big task: Revamping my diet and getting healthy from the inside out. MMB has always been interested in natural solutions – from food to exercise to fabrics to her mind. Her brain is kind of scary, actually, because she is always doing something to improve it. And take it from someone who has known her for 46 years a long time – that brain has always been razor sharp.

Sometimes we get stuck in ruts and it takes a while to work our way out of them. Sometimes we don’t even realize how deep our rut is. MMB’s visit was beneficial on many levels, but the most important level was this: I have my sister back. We spent a lot of time together and I learned that while we are completely different women, with different ideas and different perspectives, we are more alike in more ways than I ever suspected.

While she was here, she shared that she was cutting sugar out of her diet. I didn’t seriously consider it at first because I have already changed my diet, had eliminated fast food (I miss tater tots!!!) and carbonated beverages, except Sprite Zero. And yet, nothing was happening on the scale. I had not cut out alcohol and was still eating processed frozen meals for lunch (although I did make an effort to choose only ones with low calories and low sodium).

On September 1, I decided to give it a go. I slipped up once with peanut butter because I wasn’t paying attention and once because I didn’t put snacks in my lunch bag one day and ended up eating peanut butter crackers. But in two weeks the scale moved only slightly – and then it just stopped.

I am only eliminating added sugar, so fruit is okay. And I decided that a drink or two wasn’t a big deal because it doesn’t have sugar in it. So I would have a couple drinks, get the munchies and eat a handful of sunflower nuts. Or I would make popcorn, except you can’t have popcorn without butter because that is just wrong. I was staying within my calorie limit (although I haven’t actually been counting calories, but I track my food so I do know how many calories I am getting each day), but I stopped losing weight.

The entire point of eliminating added sugar was to lose weight. So with a dramatic sigh, I gave up alcohol. It’s been 5 days and guess what? The scale moved again, in the correct direction.

I am going to walk a 5K in a couple of weeks. I have been back on my stationary bike. Because right now, I am on a fast track to diabetes, a heart attack and/or a stroke. And I think it would be lots more fun to stick around and torment my friends for 50 years or so.  Fun for me, anyway. (Sorry ’bout your luck.) What I have done to this point has increased my energy level and I’ve been sleeping better. My hope is that eliminating alcohol will take it to the next level.

Although it might make me boring. You’ll just have to live with it.