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OMG and now that song won’t get out of my head.

Somewhere, at some point, I read or heard or just made it up that writers tend to write for one person – that one person’s opinion matters more than anyone else’s.  For me, that person was MoC. I did unconscious mutterings because it always turned into a marathon word game. I wrote about funny stuff I found in the news, or things that happened to me because we would always laugh about it later. I did a whole series of conversating with MoC posts to make her laugh and to make you laugh and to make fun of the non-word ‘conversating.’ (Although the abbreviated ‘convo’ seemed to bug her even more)

And then … she was gone. Even though I had all kinds of stuff tumbling around in my head, I lost the ability to put those thoughts into coherent sentences (not that I was ever that coherent to begin with); if I managed to write something, it just didn’t feel right to post it here. I don’t know why … maybe because my “reader” wasn’t reading anymore.

I guess this means … I’m back. I have more stories to tell, but for now you get Unconscious Mutterings. You know what to do.

  1. Packing ::
  2. Rent ::
  3. Inspire ::
  4. Anti-social ::
  5. Common ::
  6. Repeats ::
  7. Dracula ::
  8. Cross ::
  9. Short sighted ::
  10. Corrupt ::

  1. Packing :: tape
  2. Rent :: free
  3. Inspire :: MoC
  4. Anti-social :: Hello, have we met? No? Good.
  5. Common :: denominator
  6. Repeats :: Blurred Lines. Blurred Lines. Blurred Lines.
  7. Dracula :: sucks
  8. Cross :: purposes
  9. Short sighted :: plans
  10. Corrupt :: politician