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Now I have this song in my head.

You’re welcome.  You may or may not know this, but the midwest is in the middle of a monster heat wave. You might not know because, hey, it’s the midwest and no one gives a shit. But let New York get over 90 degrees for a few days and there will be countless stories about it.

Wait. What I was I talking about? Oh yeah. Hotness. It’s been so disgustingly hot that I actually wore shorts to work the other day. It’s so hot that I have tan lines on my feet from my flip flops. Yes, my toes are tan. I looked at my feet the other day and thought, “Oh my God, how did my toes get so dirty?” Not unclean. Tan. Very slight difference.

Now I have some hot, melty words for you. Copy and paste your answers in the comments to play along at home. Ready? Go.

  1. Missing ::
  2. Crowded ::
  3. Questions ::
  4. Flavored ::
  5. Need you ::
  6. Control ::
  7. Restaurant ::
  8. Scattered ::
  9. Family ::
  10. Regrets ::

  1. Missing :: link
  2. Crowded :: room
  3. Questions :: ?
  4. Flavored :: milk
  5. Need you :: No. I really don’t. But I like you, so stick around 🙂
  6. Control :: dominate
  7. Restaurant :: menu
  8. Scattered :: thoughts
  9. Family :: Kristy McNichol is gay. OMG 😯
  10. Regrets :: an ocean of them