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I was working yesterday and someone knocked on my door. I was hoping it was the neighbor, telling me he was going to mow the lawn like he said he would do every two weeks but now it’s been a month and if I have to buy a lawnmower and do it myself, I will not be pleased. I haven’t mowed a lawn since 1985.

Oh, the knock on the door. So I open the door and it is a man and a boy, dressed in their Sunday best even though it was Saturday, and I thought, “Oh, fabulous.” And the man said, “Hi, my name is Don and this is my friend Jason and …” Then he said something about Christianity and something about ministry and I said, “Hey, guys, I’m actually working this morning, but thanks for stopping by. Have a good day. God bless!”

And then I smiled and closed the door. And then I thought, “What just happened? Was I just pleasant and kind to two Jehovah’s Witnesses? Did I really say “God bless!” Yes, yes I did. I wasn’t being sarcastic, either. Well, not much.

Words. Are you ready? You know the drill. Put your answers in the comments if you dare to play along.

  1. Cycle ::
  2. Pimple ::
  3. Tailspin ::
  4. Contact ::
  5. Prepaid ::
  6. Tremors ::
  7. Disgusting ::
  8. Instrumental ::
  9. Taken ::
  10. Forward ::

  1. Cycle :: break
  2. Pimple :: on the ass of humanity
  3. Tailspin ::


  4. Contact :: dermatitis
  5. Prepaid :: cell phone
  6. Tremors :: earthquake
  7. Disgusting :: behavior
  8. Instrumental :: Vivaldi
  9. Taken :: for granted
  10. Forward :: march