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Here’s some stuff that happened:

  • Found Indy in the garage (2 days later) and then promptly lost Fiona. Turned out she was hiding behind the furnace in a space about this big ||
    • Cried because I thought she got out and was gone forever
    • Cursed her 6 hours later when she tripped me
  • Climbed onto the washer to reattach the dryer vent hose but couldn’t get it re-clamped. Hung it out the window instead
  • Lost my frying pans and the lids to the sauce pans in the move
  • Lost an entire drawer of flatware, knives and steak knives
  • Finally bought ice trays and realized they aren’t stackable. Refuse to go back to Walmart
  • Replaced the battery in my/my mom’s car. Charmed it into starting and it died again (and for good) in the parking lot of the auto shop.
  • Found out a lot of stuff I didn’t know (and didn’t want to know) about an acquaintance
  • Had these conversations with Leslie:

Leslie: What happened to your hair? It looked so cute yesterday.

Me: What the …? I’m sensing hostility.

Leslie: I got up at 4:30 am, of COURSE I’m hostile.

Later …

Me: I only have one goddamn steak knife.

Leslie: You don’t need two!

Me: Aside from the fact that I’m going to murder you for saying that, I DO need more than one. What if I have a date? It could happen. It’s happened before.

Leslie: Just cut her food for her. It will be romantic.

Me: Romantically low-rent, maybe.

I got back on Match.I’m.a.loser.and.can’t.get.a.date.so.it.doesn’t.matter.how.many.steak.knives.I.have and found this gem:


this is a lot of entries and it says there must be two hundred words. Wow I don’t care to say. I work and cook and I like to drive sports cars as well as dance and shop. Really, this is more words than I expected to have to share on this site.


Oh, and I got checked out in a convenience store parking lot. And I mean checked out, as in I went home and took a shower to get rid of the heebie-jeebies. Men are so not subtle. And I’m not that hot. Or interested, like at all.

I was at the convenience store to get gas because the tank was almost empty and I truly do not remember the last time I got gas. I think it was in late April.

Oh, hey, don’t bother. I’ll flip myself off and save you the trouble. You’re welcome.