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David: Who’s that actor? The one that had dark hair and now it’s white.

Me: Richard Gere?

David: No

Me: George Hamilton?

David: Yeah, that guy.

Me: Great clue, David.

David: Well I was gonna say he was the lawyer in Godfather III.

Me: I wouldn’t have gotten that. If you had said Love at First Bite …

David: I forgot about that one

Me: They should bring back Password and we should get on that show.

David: I’m not very good at it.

Me: Apparently you are. I got it with one clue. Oh, crap, that’s actually kind of scary.

Yes, there is another person on the planet who thinks the way I do. Actually, there are three people … my sisters are even scarier. If we are all together in the same place at the same time … duck. That’s all I’m sayin’ …