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Ah, words. I love them. I can’t seem to put them together to form enough sentences to make a blog post, but I do love them. Words mean things. Words mean different things to different people which is why we should choose them carefully. The words, not the people. Well, yeah, the people, too. But I digress.

The other day at work I overheard The Little Bitch say “You can’t prove a negative.” Nothing he says interests me in the context of conversation. But that sentence gave me pause. I have heard that somewhere. I know it did not originate with TLB; he is not that bright. (I re-read that last sentence and almost rewrote it. Who the hell says things like “I know it did not originate with TLB”? Um … I would. I write exactly the way I talk, so yes, I do sometimes sound like I have a stick up my ass). Anyway … you can’t prove a negative. I have more on that – and it might even be interesting, in a stick-up-my-ass kind of way.

For now, though, I will leave you with mutterings. Unconscious Mutterings. Word therapy for your soul.

  1. Background ::
  2. Performance ::
  3. Husband ::
  4. Scaffolding ::
  5. Third ::
  6. Stirring ::
  7. Slogan ::
  8. Odor ::
  9. Accent ::
  10. Suspicion ::

  1. Background :: check
  2. Performance :: anxiety
  3. Husband :: ex
  4. Scaffolding :: construction
  5. Third :: Eye
  6. Stirring :: the pot
  7. Slogan :: Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee!
  8. Odor :: spinach. Blech.
  9. Accent :: French. Mmmm.
  10. Suspicion :: hunch