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If you like to play this word game, I have good news for you: Unconscious Mutterings will continue here as long as lunanina continues to post it each week. I like it. It’s fun. It’s creative. It’s silly.

Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing much, except for Sunday’s words. Or maybe you didn’t. I didn’t notice it myself, not really. Not until this morning when I wrote this and posted it. I glanced at my recent posts and saw very little except Unconscious Mutterings.

I think I have nothing to say. Rather than pushing myself and/or feeling bad about it, I’ve decided to just let it go. The Friggin’ Cat House has run its course. Whatever its purpose in the beginning, at the end it was an outlet, a place to release my fears and my dreams. It was a place to celebrate my mom and my family and the friends who have come back into my life. Or maybe I still have plenty to say but have no need for a ‘place’ to say it.

  1. Message ::
  2. Underground ::
  3. Hurting ::
  4. Glasses ::
  5. Wholesome ::
  6. Garden ::
  7. Plants ::
  8. Windows ::
  9. Beard ::
  10. Encryption ::

  1. Message :: secret
  2. Underground :: Railroad
  3. Hurting :: injured
  4. Glasses :: reading
  5. Wholesome :: milk
  6. Garden :: inna godda davida
  7. Plants :: green
  8. Windows :: open!
  9. Beard :: Katie Holmes
  10. Encryption :: WPA2