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If you were planning to kill me in the next few days, your chances of success will improve dramatically if you approach me from my left rear flank. My head doesn’t want to turn in that direction anymore. Good luck, but keep in mind that while I only have 700 hit points, I have 196,156 strength and 196,053 defense, plus a level 300 weapon. You have to be fast and you have to be strong, but I have faith in you. Go here if you want to be immortal and think you can take me on.

I’m talking role-playing games because I can’t get out of this rut. I can’t write. I can’t talk. I can’t even think. I want the world to leave me the fuck alone but then I get all sad when I am left the fuck alone. It is all I can do to be civil and polite. So, yeah. Sorry about that. It will pass. Probably.

Since I can’t come up with my own words, I stole some words from LunaNina. All you have to do is copy and paste and put your answers in the comments. What are you waiting for? Go.

  1. Flake ::
  2. Like ::
  3. Rash ::
  4. Humor ::
  5. Splash ::
  6. Blind ::
  7. Noisy ::
  8. Ornate ::
  9. Rain ::
  10. Intensify ::

  1. Flake :: frosted
  2. Like :: wow, man.
  3. Rash :: road
  4. Humor :: Sense of. See: misplaced
  5. Splash :: of color
  6. Blind :: sided
  7. Noisy :: Noisettes. Check them out
  8. Ornate :: design
  9. Rain :: Love.
  10. Intensify :: crank it up