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I don’t know how to be in a relationship.

And in other news, trees are made of wood.*

All my relationships have ended in a tangled mess of emotional power struggles. That’s the easy part of the puzzle. The hard part is figuring out what they had in common besides the ending. The exes are all very different people, so there is no connection there. There was the carpenter, the student, the athlete, the mechanical genius, the borderline white collar criminal, the drug dealer, the liar, and the scorpio. Those are the significant ones anyway. The ones I just slept with while trying to change or at least deny my true feelings don’t count. Because if they count, that makes me a bit of a slut.

The only thing they have in common is … me.

I don’t want another ex.

If I go back through my list, I can find valid reasons each relationship ended; reasons that I had no direct control over. So maybe I just pick the wrong people. And how do I not do that in the future? If I manage to find the right person, how do I just relax and accept it rather than testing it?

How do I not fuck things up?

That’s a legitimate question. Feel free to answer it.


*Stolen from an anonymous blogger friend, but since she’s anonymous, she can’t call me out. I win.