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On the 7th day, the Lord rested. Since I am made in the Lord’s image, I rest one day each year. I choose only one day out of 365 because I am not the Lord. (I know, I was shocked, too.)

For my birthday, I am giving myself several presents. First, a one hour massage. I got it yesterday and today I am feeling appropriately noodle-y. Second, a consultation with a hypnotist so that I can quit smoking, lose weight, get taller so that I might know how it feels to have a torso, and become a beacon of peace and love to my neighbors, coworkers and friends. Third, a printer that will actually print. And maybe a laptop. Maybe a date. Who knows? I’m unstoppable.

Mostly, though, I am just enjoying a day off and taking the time to regroup and recharge. We all need that occasionally. As I was cruising youtube I came across a couple videos from comedian/speaker Jeanne Robertson. She is not the kind of humorist who is so over the top that you literally roll on the floor laughing, but mellow and wry, which I always appreciate. However, these two clips did make me laugh out loud. And so, on this very special day, I share them with you. Enjoy!