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I don’t have a list of resolutions this year. I don’t have a list of things I want to change about myself; I kind of like who I am these days. Sure there are some superficial traits that probably need to be addressed, but I’ve learned that things happen when they are supposed to happen. When it’s time for something to change, it will change because I will magically have the desire and motivation to change it. Until then, don’t hate me because I’m charming and intelligent; rather, hate me because I’m beautiful.

First mutterings for 2012 were posted on LunaNina’s site and I stole them to copy them here. Play along in the comments. You know you want to. You know you want to see if you’re really as weird as I think you are. My own weirdness answers are after the jump. Ready? Do it.

  1. Resolution ::
  2. Adorable ::
  3. Fractions ::
  4. Intensify ::
  5. Commute ::
  6. Job ::
  7. Advance ::
  8. Audit ::
  9. Highlight ::
  10. Disallow ::

  1. Resolution :: killed the radio star
  2. Adorable :: me!
  3. Fractions :: Math is hard.
  4. Intensify :: focus
  5. Commute :: change
  6. Job :: skills
  7. Advance :: forward
  8. Audit :: inspect
  9. Highlight :: ers should always be yellow
  10. Disallow :: reject