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This is my “free” weekend, so I spent it bullying people at the poker tables with mixed results. I won a little tournament (330 chip buy-in), got second in another (2110 chip buy-in) because I wasn’t really paying attention, and bought into a one-table, 9 player tourney for 10,350 fake chips only to get knocked out in 7th place. At least I wasn’t the first one out. Yeah, I’m geeking on the poker lately, but it’s a fun distraction for me.

I hung out with Shreck Friday night. I wasn’t feeling well, so I got a hot toddy. Then I had a shot of Crown Royal. Then I felt better. We talked about life and love and everything in between and came to a conclusion: You just do what you have to do, even when it sucks.

Leslie and I were going to scare ourselves with a haunted maze on Saturday but we couldn’t find one. Well, we did, but they were halfway across the state. So we sat on her deck, shot the breeze, watched the stars and drank Absolut. We talked about life and love and everything in between and came to the same conclusion. Then we decided we needed some mischief, so we TP’d her neighbor’s house. Because we’re 12. And because it was fun until I slipped on loose stone on their walkway and fell. Because that stone was loose and it was surrounded by a rock garden, I made a lot of noise going down. So I swallowed my cry of agony and froze like a good prankster until I was sure I hadn’t awakened the entire neighborhood. Then we walked back (I limped) and tried to watch a movie, but by then it was 1am and we’re old, so I crashed on her couch. As for the criminal mischief, it was her friend’s house, we only used three rolls of toilet paper and the forecast didn’t call for rain. Stop judging me!

Were you looking for Unconscious Mutterings instead of stories about women who can’t act their age when they get together? Then you’re in the right place. You know how it works. Say the first thing that comes into your head and play along in the comments so everyone can see how weird you are. Ready or not, here come the words.

  1. Neglected ::
  2. Sirens ::
  3. Coordinate ::
  4. Mellow ::
  5. Oscar ::
  6. Facebook ::
  7. Whoop ::
  8. Affluent ::
  9. Battle ::
  10. Kisses ::

  1. Neglected :: animals 😥
  2. Sirens :: fire!
  3. Coordinate :: plan
  4. Mellow :: MoC
  5. Oscar :: de la Renta
  6. Facebook :: stalker
  7. Whoop :: de do!
  8. Affluent :: wealthy
  9. Battle :: Cry (great book)
  10. Kisses :: butterfly