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Why is it the end of the world? Because the Chiefs won a game (as opposed to simply not finding a way to lose it). But no one cares about that, including me. I confess that I watched the last 10 minutes, which included 4 unnecessary reviews of plays, which will push back my evening television activities and mess up my DVRs. I hate you, NFL.

Snippet from a conversation with Leslie:

Me: I think I should handle it. He’s pretty sentimental about it and I am not at all. I think I can keep my cool.

Leslie: Yeah, you’re more passive-aggressive.

Me:  …

Me: I’m just going to go ahead and take that as a compliment so we can move on and finish the conversation.

But you didn’t come here to eavesdrop on an argument Leslie and I have been having for 15 years. Unless you did. Then you’re out of luck. I’m assuming you came to read my passive aggressive mutterings.

The words are supplied by Luna Nina. You know what to do. Play along in the comments and write the first thing that pops into your pointy little head.

  1. Fever pitch ::
  2. Unwarranted ::
  3. Breaking ::
  4. Stars ::
  5. Thursday ::
  6. Tips ::
  7. Recommend ::
  8. Season ::
  9. Increased ::
  10. Depressed ::

  1. Fever pitch :: ass over teakettle
  2. Unwarranted :: attention
  3. Breaking :: Benjamin
  4. Stars :: on Ice
  5. Thursday :: Burn Notice
  6. Tips :: Wing
  7. Recommend :: suggest
  8. Season :: I am not passive-aggressive, goddamn it!
  9. Increased :: awareness
  10. Depressed :: economy