On Friday I kidnapped MoC and took her to our favorite glass show. In recent years, that’s how we celebrated her birthday. I would take a day off and let her torment me with the glass show and antique shows or maybe even an auction. It’s where we found the amber elephant


And where I took pictures of her feet, because they’re so adorable

And where, this year, I was able to find the perfect present for her. On the end of one of the displays were three cobalt blue mixing bowls. I doubt they were even antique, but MoC fell in love with them – it’s her favorite color. And the light bulb came on in my brain. So I told her they weren’t all that special and kind of pushed her along the row. The owners were sitting there and MoC starting talking to the lady about the bowls while I was standing behind her making ‘please don’t sell the bowls to my mother’ gestures. I finally got the husband’s attention and we walked back toward the display. I told him MoC’s birthday was coming up and that I wanted the bowls. He went along with it and I guess he managed to get the point across to his wife, who finally caught on. She said, “You know, for a special birthday like this one, you need something really expensive. Like diamonds.”

Thanks. Now I have to buy my mother diamond earrings, dumbass. But as MoC and I moved away she said, “I don’t think those people really wanted to sell me those bowls. I don’t know why.”  Neither do I, MoC. No idea.

I put a couple of handmade pieces of jewelry (earrings with a matching bracelet) in each of the bowls and wrapped them up.

But that wasn’t the best present.


This was the best present – all of her kids in the same room at the same time.

Thanks, MMB and JR, for coming home and making this birthday extra special.

Happy birthday, MoC.